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8/8/2017 Diamond, Icon Heroes Begin to Unite the League with the New PX Justice League Batman Statue
8/7/2017 Diamond, X-Plus USA Prepare Kiryu to Defend Local Comic Shops With The New PX MechaGodzilla
7/10/2017 Diamond, Beast Kingdom Bring Rocket and Groot To Comic Shops With New PREVIEWS Exclusive Figures
7/10/2017 Diamond, Medicom Bring a New Spring on Sofubi With New PREVIEWS Exclusive Godzilla Figure
7/6/2017 Diamond, Icon Heroes Hit the Mark with the New PREVIEWS Exclusive Rebirth Deathstroke Statue
7/5/2017 Diamond, X-Plus Prepare for Battle With The New PX Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II Figure
6/28/2017 The White Queen Comes to Comic Shops With A Previews Exclusive Halloween ComicFest Funko Pop!
6/13/2017 Make the Kessel Run in Less Than Twelve Parsecs with The New PX Floating Millennium Falcon
6/13/2017 Diamond Knows These Are the Droids You’re Looking for With New PX C-3PO and R2-D2 Figures
6/12/2017 Diamond, X-Plus Release Mechagodzilla into the World With The New PX Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. Figure
6/12/2017 Diamond, Beast Kingdom Prepare for a Civil War With The Release of New PX Egg Attack Figures
6/7/2017 Diamond, Beast Kingdom Enlist Fans into the Republic Army With New PX Star Wars Trooper Figures
6/6/2017 Diamond, Mighty Fine Keep Star Wars Close With PREVIEWS Exclusive Opening Crawl Scarves
6/6/2017 Diamond, Beast Kingdom Bring the Battle of Earth's Mightiest Heroes To Your Home With the New Previews Exclusive Figures
6/5/2017 Diamond, Beast Kingdom Crank Up Their Walkmans and Save the Galaxy with the New PX Star Lord
6/5/2017 Diamond, Icon Heroes Debut a Wondrous Assortment of PREVIEWS Exclusive Wonder Woman Collectibles

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Megan Cosman
PR Associate