Since its opening in 1995, Diamond International Galleries has regularly been at the heart of many significant opportunities to preserve, promote and present historical comic character collectibles, and enjoys its position as the preeminent display house of such items.

Alongside original classic comic books, movie posters, premiums and other toys, original works by such artists as Carl Barks, Gustav Tengren, Alex Ross, Murphy Anderson, Joe Shuster, Joe Simon and Charles Schulz, among others, are on display

Whether assisting in such projects as DC’s Archive series, or hosting industry and other events, the Gallery staff is highly active and influential in numerous areas of collecting. Gallery personnel have served as reference sources for the mainstream media, and they have also contributed significantly to an increased awareness of comic character collectibles by writing articles, and contributing information and advice to a wide array of periodicals and price guides from different publishers.

Since its inception, Diamond International Galleries has also booked numerous record sales of individual collectibles.