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Suspense Master Hurwitz Triggers Marvel’s Foolkiller

A signature creation from a comic industry giant gets a new treatment from a literary titan when Los Angeles Times-best selling author Gregg Hurwitz (The Crime Writer) introduces a new generation of readers to Steve Gerber’s cold-blooded vigilante in Marvel Comics’ Foolkiller #1 (AUG07 2274, $3.99). Created by Gerber in 1974, The Foolkiller first grabbed readers’ attention in Man-Thing, followed by numerous other appearances and a hit solo series in the 1990s. This launch of a five-issue limited MAX series for mature readers — illustrated by Lan Medina — examines contemporary crime and punishment in the Marvel Universe through the eyes of the killer who targets flaws in the human condition as ruthlessly as he targets humans. This book is great for the generations of comic readers who already know about Foolkiller, along with prose readers who know Hurwitz from his widely acclaimed suspense novels. With a cover by Nic Klein, the 32-page, full-color Foolkiller #1 is set to ship on October 24.

Shooter Re-enlists for DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes

DC Comics begins a bold new era for the future’s premier super-team when, after more than 30 years, Jim Shooter returns to the heroes who made him an industry giant in Legion of Super-Heroes #37 (OCT07 0183-4, $2.99ea). A legend in the truest sense, Shooter’s comic career began with selling stories to DC at age 13, and led him to create and work with many of comics’ most memorable characters. His return to this title should hold particular interest for veteran readers, and for newer fans who want to experience his famous brand of magic firsthand, especially when it’s illustrated by the series’ incoming team of Francis Manapul (Image Comics’ Witchblade) & John Livesay (The Flash). The book will also ship with two covers that may be ordered separately, and that form a single image when placed together. The 32-page, full-color Legion of Super-Heroes #37 is scheduled to ship on December 26.