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Cautions Codes: What They Mean

Caution Codes in PREVIEWS are disclaimers that inform readers of the potential for products to fluctuate from the solicitation copy. Cautions listed at the end of catalog descriptions indicate an item that may ship late or otherwise diverge from its PREVIEWS description. These codes are separated into three categories:

International Rights (I-Rights) — the item is restricted into what countries it can be sold.0 = No International Rights restriction;
1 = International Rights are restricted.

Content Changes — the content may change after solicitation.
0 = No Content disclaimer;
1 = Content disclaimer enforced.

Ship Date Changes — the final shipping date may differ or change from the scheduled ship date.
0 = Product will ship according to schedule;
1 = Product may ship an additional 60 days beyond scheduled ship date;
2 = Additional 90 days beyond scheduled ship date;
3 = Additional 120 days beyond scheduled ship date;
4 = Product may ship at any time beyond scheduled ship date.