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From The Scoop: Froggy

From the November 10 issue of Gemstone Publishing's The Scoop:

The mischievous Froggy the Gremlin was prominently featured in the 1950-1955 serial radio programs, Smilin' EdMcConnell and His Buster Brown Gang and Andy's Gang. His wide-eyed enthusiasm and spiffy tuxedo made him a favorite among listeners and viewers, despite his penchant for interupting the stories by appearing in a puff of smoke and mischievously exclaiming, "Hiya, Kids!" Here are a few interesting tidbits on the frog who would be gremlin:

1. Froggy was the brainchild of Ed McConnell, but his comic segments were voiced by struggling comedian Harry Stewart (whose stage name was Yogi Yorgesson).

2. Though Froggy was a staple of the radio and television Buster Brown series, he was not featured in the original Outcault comic strips.

3. When the Buster Brown show was taken over by Andy Devine, the new host began inviting Froggy to enter a scene with this command: "Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!" To this day, no one is quite sure what a magic twanger is, or how Froggy was to plunk it.

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