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Marvel Tells Readers: "U-Decide!"

What began as a discussion between veteran writer Peter David, Marvel Enterprises Chief Operating Officer Bill Jemas, and Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada concerning editorial, pricing, and marketing issues surrounding David's Captain Marvel has become one of the most anticipated Marvel publishing events of the year: "U-Decide!", the eagerly awaited showdown that will let readers choose which of three books will keep a room in the House of Ideas.

Those that followed the exchanges between the three men already know that they can expect three very different types of books to emerge from this unique challenge. Every book purchased will represent a vote for that title to continue as an ongoing series.

The three books in the "U-Decide" challenge will include:

- Captain Marvel #1, written by David and illustrated by ChrisCross. This relaunch of the critically acclaimed series promises both big changes for the son of Mar-Vell, and a reader-friendly entrance point. It will ship with covers by ChrisCross (JUL021474, $2.25), Joe Jusko (JUL021475, $2.25), and Alex Ross (JUL021476, $2.25).

- Marville #1, written by Jemas and illustrated by Black Panther's M.D. Bright & The Ultimates' Paul Neary. This six-issue mini-series will introduce The Marvel, which will answer the question of what readers can expect when Marvel's COO puts his own spin on a Distinguished Competitor's familiar super-hero. The issue will be available as a 32-page book with a cover by Bright (JUL021470, $2.25), and as a 40-page special edition with eight additional pages of behind-the-scenes extras and a choice of spot foil covers by UDON (JUL021471, $2.99) or Greg Horn (JUL021472, $2.99).

- Ultimate Adventures #1 (JUL021473, $2.25). Personally edited by Quesada, this new mini-series from Get Kraven writer Ron Zimmerman and Bluntman & Chronic artist Duncan Fegredo will debut the newest additions to Marvel's burgeoning Ultimate Universe and offer a touching look at the world of the super-hero sidekick! (Please Note: This title was listed in Previews and on the Previews Order Form as Ultimate Hawk-Owl and Zippy #1.)

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