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Diamond Announces 2012 Gem Award Winners


2012 Diamond Gem Award Suppliers of the Year

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2012 Comic Book Publisher of the Year -
Over 4%
DC Entertainment

2012 Comic Book Publisher of the Year - Under 4%
Valiant Entertainment

2012 Backlist Publisher of the Year
DC Entertainment

2012 Top Dollar Comic Book Publisher of the Year
Marvel Comics


No caption.

2012 Manga Publisher
of the Year
Viz Media

2012 Game Manufacturer
of the Year
Wizards of the Coast (WotC)

2012 Toy Manufacturer
of the Year
DC Collectibles

2012 Diamond Gem Award Products of the Year

Brightest Day #1

2012 Comic Book of the Year
Under $3.00
Saga #1
Image Comics

2012 Comic Book of the Year
Over $3.00
The Walking Dead #100
Image Comics

Batman: The Return

2012 Top Dollar Comic of the Year
Amazing Spider-Man #700
Marvel Comics

2012 Licensed Comic Book of the Year
Adventure Time #1
BOOM! Studios

Kick-Ass Premiere

2012 Licensed TP/HC
of the Year
Star Trek: The Next Generation/
Doctor Who: Assimilation Vol. 1 TP

IDW Comics

Batman: Earth-One

2012 Original GN of the Year
Batman: Earth One HC
DC Comics

2012 Reprint TP/HC of the Year
Saga Vol. 1 TP
Image Comics

Twilight: The Graphic Novel

2012 Manga TP of the Year
Sailor Moon: Kodansha Edition
Vol. 3 TP

Kodansha Comics


2012 Magazine of the Year
Walking Dead Magazine #1
Titan Publications

2012 Indie GN of the Year
The Underwater Welder
Top Shelf Productions

2012 Anthology of the Year
Dark Horse Presents #13
Dark Horse Comics

2012 Trade Book of the Year
Overstreet Comic Book
Price Guide Vol. 42

Gemstone Publishing

2012 Game Product of the Year
Magic the Gathering:
Return to Ravnica Expansion
Wizards of the Coast

2012 Toy Product of the Year
We Can Be Heroes
Justice League 7
Pack Box Set

DC Collectibles

2012 Toy Line of the Year
DC Justice League
New 52 Action Figures

DC Collectibles


2012 Collectable
Statue of the Year
DC Comics Cover Girls
Harley Quinn

DC Collectibles