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TOKYOPOP, Diamond Offer Free Spinner Rack Display through October 31!

Through October 31, TOKYOPOP and Diamond are giving retailers in the U.S. and Canada the opportunity to increase the presence of manga graphic novels in their stores with a free Spinner Rack Display, and ordering the publisher's best-selling manga titles is all you have to do to take advantage of the offer!

Under the terms of this promotion, shop owners will receive one Spinner Rack Display at no cost for every multiple of 200 active TOKYOPOP graphic novels purchased from Diamond's Star System during the month of October. Retailers will only be responsible for the freight charges of shipping the rack from their Diamond Distribution Center to their store (approximately $35.00-$75.00 U.S.). Plus, as an added bonus, Diamond will reimburse you the 3% reorder fee on all orders for 200 active TOKYOPOP Star System titles or more placed in October! (For example, if you order a total of 250 active TOKYOPOP Star System titles this month, you will be reimbursed for the 3% reorder fee on all 250 of those books once the promotion ends, in addition to the free display.)

Please Note: You can combine multiple orders of less than 200 active TOKYOPOP Star System titles to meet the eligibility requirements.

Prior to the end of the promotion, Diamond's Customer Service Department will be provided with tools to help you ensure that you have ordered enough titles to be eligible for the promotion. In addition, the complete listing of eligible TOKYOPOP titles -- available by clicking here -- will be updated periodically throughout October, and TOKYOPOP will be hard at work to keep its inventory in stock and available for order.

Visit today for a complete listing of eligible titles, and take advantage of this incredible offer before time runs out!

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