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Diamond Ups Dynamite Entertainment, BOOM! Studios to Premier Publishers

Diamond Comic Distributors, BOOM! Studios, Premier Publisher    Diamond Comic Distributors, Dynamite Entertainment, Premier Publisher

Diamond Comic Distributors announced today that both Dynamite Entertainment and BOOM! Studios have been promoted to Premier Publisher vendors, with both signing new publisher agreements, respectively.

The new, separate multi-year agreements feature many fresh initiatives, including Premier Publisher status in recognition of BOOM! Studios’ and Dynamite Entertainment’s success as top tier comic book and graphic novel publishers. Under the agreement, Diamond will continue to be the exclusive distributor of comic books and graphic novels to the comic book specialty market for both BOOM! Studios and Dynamite Entertainment. Diamond will also continue to handle Dynamite’s book market business through its Diamond Book Distributors (DBD) division, as well as BOOM! Studios’ international book market business, excluding the UK and Ireland, through DBD.

“This change recognizes the growth and importance of BOOM! Studios and Dynamite Entertainment to our business and the comics industry as a whole,” said Diamond VP-Purchasing, Tim Lenaghan. “We look forward to working with both publishers for many years to come to help nurture and grow the comic book specialty market.” 

In April, Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog and website will showcase BOOM! and Dynamite’s new status as both companies move to the “Premier Comics” section, highlighting their new offerings to comic shop retailers and customers.

“It’s a supreme honor to advance to Premier Publisher status, and truly a reflection of both the dedication of everyone at Dynamite and the strength and success of our partnerships with creators and licensors and the comics we bring to our retailer partners and fans,” said Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite Entertainment. “We work shoulder-to-shoulder with amazing people and this achievement gives greater visibility to the monumental work that they do. Also, through our new agreement, we’ll coordinate with Diamond on many new ways to serve the retail community and further diversify our categories of product.”

"We're so grateful to retailers, who have supported us for years, and appreciative to Diamond for recognizing BOOM! Studios' growth,” said Founder and CEO, Ross Richie. “Becoming Premier represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for retailers and fans to discover even more amazing work our creators and partners create each and every week."