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Diamond Book Distributors Signs SAF Comics

Strip Art Features (SAF) Comics has signed Diamond Book Distributors (DBD) to act as the exclusive North American and non-exclusive worldwide distributor of SAF's English-language graphic novels to the bookstore, library, warehouse club, mass merchandise, and specialty markets.

Founded in Sarajevo, Bosnia, by Ervin Rustemagic in 1972, SAF Comics has been bringing the work of European, American, and other comics creators to the masses for nearly 30 years. The company has published hundreds of graphic novels in multiple languages, including Joe Kubert's acclaimed Fax From Sarajevo and Hermann's Jeremiah, which became the first ever European graphic novel series to be turned into a live action television series on U.S. television (Showtime). SAF Comics, which is now based in Slovenia, where it also has its own printing plant, is one of the world's leading publishers of European talent.

"As seen in the success of a variety of titles, European comics have been enchanting North American audiences for generations," said Diamond Vice President of Purchasing Bill Schanes, "and we're sure that SAF's offerings will continue this long-standing tradition."

"When we decided to start publishing U.S. editions of our graphic novels ourselves, Diamond was our first choice as distributor," says SAF's President and CEO Ervin Rustemagic, "and it took me only a few days and two phone conversations with Bill to conclude the distribution deal for SAF Comics. We look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with Diamond."

"With three decades of experience behind it, SAF has established itself as a premier source for European comics storytelling," Schanes added, "and we're glad to welcome it to the DBD family."
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