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Sneak PREVIEWS: Kirkman and De Felici's Void Rivals Launches a New Skybound Shared Universe

The April edition of Diamond Comic Distributors’ monthly PREVIEWS catalog arrives in comic shops and digitally on March 29th and features comic books, graphic novels, toys, and other pop culture merchandise scheduled to go on sale beginning June 2023.

You can get a look at the catalog now on the PREVIEWSworld website by checking out the site’s sections that spotlight the Gems of the Month as well as the full catalog sections for Comics; Graphic Novels; Books; Magazines; Trading Cards; Apparel; Toys, Statues, and Models; Collectibles; and Games.

Front Cover - Skybound's Void Rivals   Back Cover - Titan's Conan the Barbarian
Front Cover:
Image Comics/Skybound’s
Void Rivals #1
  Back Cover:
Titan Comics’
Conan the Barbarian #1
In May&rsquo's PREVIEWS

ON OUR FRONT COVER: Robert Kirkman and Lorezno De Felici, the team behind Oblivion Song, reunite for a new saga, Void Rivals (APR230038), that launches a new science-fiction shared universe.

ON OUR FLIPSIDE COVER AND OUR CATALOG SPINE: Jim Zub and Roberto de la Torre embark on an advneture across the Hyborean Age in Titan Comic’ Conan the Barbarian, debuting next month in the May PREVIEWS.

ON OUR ORDER FORM COVER: Michael Dolce and Talent Caldwell’s love-letter to 90s super-hero comics, The Sire, returns in Dren Productions’ The Sire: Origins (APR231404).

The April PREVIEWS Includes:

Theme -- Gaming MonthGaming Month: In this issue of PREVIEWS, we celebrate GAMING in all its styles and genres as it applies to our own hobby, Comics, Graphic Novels, Art Books, Toys, Collectibles and more… all based on your favorite games and available to you at your local Comic Shop!

Gems of the Month: April’s PREVIEWS Gems of the Month include:

· BOOM! StudiosCreed #1 (APR230329) and Wilds’ End (APR230335)
· Dynamite Entertainment’s Gargoyles #7 (APR230449) and Victory #1 (APR230400)
· Image ComicsIn Hell We Fight #1 (APR230017), Savage Dragon #267 (APR230009), and Void Rivals #1 (APR230038)
· Marvel ComicsLoki #1 (APR230663)

Deluxe Publishers: Among the Featured items from the Deluxe Publishers this month:

· ABLAZE PublishingShepherdess Warriors Volume 1 (APR231043)
· Aftershock ComicsThe Vineyard TP (APR230961)
· Frank Miller PresentsSvengoolie: Lost in Time #1 (APR231077)
· Titan ComicsHeat Seeker: A Gun Honey Series #1 (APR231001) and Noir Burlesque HC (APR231014)

In the Editor’s Note: PREVIEWS editor Marty Grosser talks about the big changes in PREVIEWS this month — a merchandise section sorted by product license or theme, such as DC Heroes or Manga, of product available for pre-order, as well as a merchandise section of product available now and in stock at Diamond’s warehouse that can be ordered today at your local comic shop.

Indie Edge: Musician, actor, and writer Sebastian A. Jones, publisher of Stranger Comics with his friends Darrel May and Joshua Cozine, talks about his career, his creative output and his collaborators, his comic Niobe, the world of Asunda, this month’s Tales of Asunda (APR231873) and other upcoming projects, and the comics he’s enjoying today.

Plus: So much more!

All this awaits you in the April edition of PREVIEWS, which goes on sale at your local comic shop or specialty store on Wednesday, March 29th in print at your local comic shop or specialty store at its regular cover price of $4.99 or digitally at!