Risk and Monopoly The Walking Dead Survival Edition Receiving Widespread Coverage

The Walking Dead is taking over this holiday season with numerous gift ideas based off of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic series and AMC's The Walking Dead Tv show. From board games to collectible character figures, The Walking Dead is infecting us all with it's zombie craze!

Specifically, The Walking Dead Risk and Monopoly games are receiving positive attention, with Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition being featured in Entertainment Weekly's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!
Entertainment Weekly covered the The Walking Dead Risk in their "For the Game Player" section of their gift guide. The board game was a top pick among electronic games and gaming systems. 


Both The Walking Dead Risk and Monopoly Survival Editions are also being featured in the official The Walking Dead Magazine!


 Word of The Walking Dead Risk and Monopoly games spread quickly once the games hit comic book specialty shops with top gaming and comic book reviewers playing and assessing each game.

Some feedback from fans and game reviewers have been....

“RISK: The Walking Dead Survival Edition, blew me away – in the game and out of it!”- Captain Comics Round Table

“Talk about a Pyrrhic victory!” "The result is an unpredictable game where numbers and fortunes can turn on a roll of the dice or turn of a card." "Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition is a hoot."  Captain Comics Round Table

“Go directly to jail. It’s your home after all”- The Awesomer

“Awesome, themed board game that is a blast to play...” “The best version of Monopoly that has come out so far.” “I would highly recommend this if you are a fan of “The Walking Dead”- Aaron Chalich KSTP

“This time you'll want to get sent to jail for safety.” “...everything you know and loved about Monopoly, but with 100% more zombie flavor. Eww.” –the laughing sqid.com

The Walking Dead Monopoly Game Is Here And It Rules All”-Jessie from 102.1 The Edge

“It's literally a game of life and death.” “Structured like Risk, The Walking Dead version is unique, and deadly, in its own right.” “Everything about this game (Monopoly) screams horror”-Boyce McCain Collectors Corner

“So continue the The Walking Dead fun long after the show ends with these two great new games: Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition and RISK: The Walking Dead Survival Edition!”- The Review Stew

“The Walking Dead will take over the board game market.”- Robert Bernstein Den of Geek

The games are still receiving great coverage and are flying off the shelves as the holiday season is quickly approaching. Both games put a post-apocalyptic twist on the classic versions, that both comic fans and fans of the TV show will love.

The games have also been covered on top nerd and geek culture websites along with gaming, pop-culture, entertainment, and major media outlets which include...

Dread Central
Board Game Geek
MTV Geek
Bleeding Cool
Captain Comics
Broken Frontier
All That's Epic
Nerdy With Children
Den of Geek
Fanboy Factor
Action Figure Times
Think Geek
The Mary Sue
The Coolector....
and many more websites have covered and promoted the games.

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