Tokyopop Announces Collaboration with Courtney Love
Nate Shelton
Tokyopop has announced an upcoming collaboration with singer/songwriter Courtney Love on an original project fueled by Love's passion for manga. The shojo fantasy series, entitled Princess Ai, will feature the character design of famed manga-ka Ai Yazawa (Paradise Kiss) and the creative vision of D.J. Milky (Karma Klub).

Princess Ai is the story of a smart and talented, yet controversial, young woman who utilizes the public stage not only for self-expression, but also to hide from her assailants. She is the princess of a mysterious, unknown land, who has escaped to our world and is now taking refuge in the bustling nightclubs of Kabushiki-cho.

With a new album, America's Sweetheart, debuting on October 28 on Virgin Records, and a tour to follow in November, Love plans to encompass Princess Ai imagery into various phases of her music -- both live and recorded video. Additionally, both Yazawa and Milky have been working with Love's lyrics to build the story and its dialogue. The series is slated for a 2004 release.

“I have always loved the Japanese culture and the people. Princess Ai is a great character because she feels like my alter-ego, but in a fantasy setting,” said Love. “I'm very excited to work with Tokyopop, a company that is truly innovative in its approach towards crossing creative boundaries.”

“We are very pleased that we could team up with one of the most influential rock stars of our generation, and certainly one of the most colorful personalities,” said Tokyopop CEO & CCO Stuart Levy. “Manga is just the start. Look for animation projects, merchandise, and other evolutions of Princess Ai in the near future.”

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