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Sexy Summer For Liberty Meadows
Before there was Liberty Meadows, Frank Cho produced University2, and this brand of rough, rowdy college humor endeared him to many readers of the male persuasion. But before long, University2 evolved into Liberty Meadows, and Mr. Cho's jokes, innuendoes, and one-liners weren't as (ahem) bold as before. Liberty Meadows moved away from the rough college humor to appeal to a broader audience. Romance also entered the storylines, and Liberty Meadows was soon appealing just as much to female readers as it was to male readers.

But, oh, how that Frank Cho is a crafty one. He doesn't give himself the monicker of “Monkey Boy” for nothing. He likes to monkey around, you see. And that's why you'll be in for a push in the pool when you pick up the Liberty Meadows, Book 3:Summer of Love HC. It seems that Mr. Cho spiked the punch bowl. And his prior brand of college humor has returned.

In this special hardcover edition, Liberty Meadows issues #19-27 are collected, completely remastered - and uncensored! Yes, the kid gloves came off, and those panels which are usually shelved because Monkey Boy was having too much fun are now being revealed! All kids get out of the pool, it's adult swim only! This volume also includes a cover art gallery, extensive sketch and illustration sections, plus a complete, never-before-published Liberty Meadows short story.

There's so much fun to be shared in everyone's favorite animal sanctuary. We suggest you buy a ticket now, and check out the Liberty Meadows Book 3: Summer of Love HC from Image Comics, pronto. You'll find it in the Premiere section of Previews!

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