PREVIEWS Exclusive Pop Heroes Continue with Deadpool and the Walking Dead Governor Figures

The mini, but mighty POP! figures from Funko continue with new PREVIEWS Exclusive Unmasked Deadpool and The Walking Dead Governor Figures, all of which can be pre-ordered now at your local comic book specialty shop and are scheduled for release in early November. 

The PREVIEWS Exclusive Funko POP! Unmasked Deadpool features the scar-covered face of Wade Wilson for the first time as a Pop figure without the iconic Deadpool mask. Standing at 3 ¾ inches tall, Unmasked Deadpool is available in his familiar red costume (Item Code: OCT132255, SRP $10.99) and his gray X-Force costume (Item Code: OCT132254, SRP: $10.99) both showing him with gun and sword in hand.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive The Walking Dead Governor Pop figure features the Bandage Version (Item Code: OCT132345, SPR: $11.99) and the Bloody Version (Item Code: OCT132346, SRP: $11.99) with blood spattered across the figure. These two different styles of the one-eyed, reviled character make give fans a choice as to what character to collect; the regular evil Governor or the blood stained killer that he is turning into! 

Along with these figures, the October PREVIEWS also features PREVIEWS Exclusive DC Heroes: The New 52 vinyl figures. These classic heroes feature Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern, all mighty and proud heroes standing at only 3 ¾ inches tall. These Pop figures feature their New 52 costumes, making it easy to collect the new justice League in POP! Form!

All the Funko POP PREVIEWS Exclusive items are featured in the October PREVIEWS catalog on page 469, and can be pre-ordered at your local comic book shop. The figures are scheduled to release in early November, 2013.

POP! PX Walking Dead The Governor Vinyl Bloody Ver  (Item Code: OCT132346, $11.99, page 488)

POP! PX Walking Dead the Governor Vinyl Fig Bandage Ver (Item Code:OCT132345, $11.99, page 488)

POP! PX Marvel Deadpool Vinyl Fig Maskless Red Version (Item Code:OCT132255, $11.99, page 480)

POP! PX Marvel:Deadpool Vinyl Fig Maskless Grey Version (Item Code:OCT132254, $10.99, page 480)

POP! PX Marvel Deadpool Vinyl Figure Maskless Red Version (Item Code:OCT132255, $10.99, page 480)

POP! PX Heroes Batman Vinyl Fig New 52 Version (Item Code:OCT132185, $10.99, page 473)

POP! PX Heroes Superman Vinyl Fig New 52 Version (Item Code:OCT132186, $10.99, page 473)

POP! PX Heroes Wonder Woman Vinyl Fig New 52 (Item Code:OCT132187, $10.99, page 473)

POP! PX Heroes Aquaman Vinyl Fig  New 52 (Item Code:OCT132188, $10.99, page 473)

POP! PX Heroes Green Lantern Vinyl Fig New 52 (Item Code:OCT132189, $10.99, page 473)

POP! PX Heroes Flah PX Vinyl Fig New 52 (Item Code:OCT132190, $10.99, page 473)

To ensure you get your exclusive POP! Heroes Vinyl Figures, pre-order the collectibles from your local comic shop. Find a comic shop at www.comicshoplocator.com and start your POP! Hero collection!