Diamond Retailer Services Celebrates 20th Anniversary

January 15, 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of One-Call Customer Service at Diamond, which includes one of Diamond's most important and valuable resources: our Retailer Services Department and its employees.

To provide retailers with better customer service, the Retailer Services department was formed, shifting responsibility for service interactions from individual Diamond warehouse facilities to a centralized network of representative located at Diamond’s Home Office. Previously, retailers contacted their Diamond Distribution Center for shipping issues; a separate location for placing order increases, advance reorders, reorders and backorders; and the Home Office for service and credit issues. "One Call" service provided a centralized resource for all of these functions.

The men and women of this department work constantly to make retailers aware of new opportunities to strengthen their business and the industry, and to remove obstacles preventing retailers from operating their businesses at their full potential. They also constantly solicit and receive feedback from retailers that is instrumental in refining Diamond's current services, and in developing new ones.

“We couldn’t deliver great service without the great retail customers who help us do our jobs every day,” said Diamond Vice President of Retailer Services Chris Powell. “Every Diamond rep is committed to establishing solid, positive relationships with our retailers. Those relationships help us learn about our customers’ market conditions, the consumers they serve, and other valuable information. When retailers share their knowledge with us, we’re able to give them the service they need to operate and grow their businesses."

“The partnership and communication between Diamond and our customers make Retailer Services one of Diamond’s most unique and special resources,” said Diamond Director of Retailer Services Nance Romer. “We thank all of our customers for the trust and support they’ve given us in the past 20 years, and we look forward to serving them for many more years to come.” 

Please join us in congratulating everyone in Retailer Services on delivering 20 years of quality service!